Waffle Kumara Rosti

Kumara Rosti Waffle.jpg

Waffle Kumara Rosti


1 large kumara / sweet potato
1 free-range egg
Pinch of pink himalayan rock salt
1 tsp fat (grass-fed butter, coconut oil or ghee) - optional

Special equipment
Waffle maker - I used Breville's The Waffle 


Step one
Pre-heat your waffle maker. 

Step two
Crack egg in a large jug and whisk. Grate kumara and add to jug. 

Step three
If you have a non-stick surface and/or are using the Waffle Pro by Breville then you will not need to grease your surface. If otherwise, grease using either coconut oil, ghee or grass-fed butter. 

Step four
Distribute the mix evenly across the 4 elements of the Waffle Pro. Cook on the custom setting turned to the 7th dial. If cooking in waffle maker of choice, cook for approximately 6 minutes or until crispy. 

Step five
Serve with poached eggs, salmon and spinach and drizzle with olive oil. Alternatively you could pair with bacon, poached eggs and  herb mushrooms. 


Here are a few of my favourites remade by my followers. Remember to #arieats if you try out my recipes - I'd love to see it and you may just see your photo featured here!