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I created Ari Eats with the vision of creating a positive energy around eating. It all started when I began sharing my low carb recipes on Facebook. As the blog has developed and the following grew it has transformed into a place where I can express my inner foodie. Styling and photographing all my own content, I share with you my own simple handcrafted recipes to inspire you to recreate them at home.

a little bit about me

I've just turned 21 years old and I'm most known for my dramatic weight loss journey after following a low carb approach. I'm an AU & NZ food blogger based in Auckland and I commute to Brisbane around four times a year. I love food and fitness so most of what I do in my spare time involves foodgrams and fitspo. I'd like to think I'm a voice for the younger generation as I encouraging their food choices, promoting health and happiness. I inspires my followers to look at food in a positively new light.  


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I spend most of my time sharing my every day foodspo with you over on Snapchat so be sure to follow me on social media for tips, quick recipes and foodgrams!