Kickstart Summer with Symbio

This past week the sun has been warming my skin and I’ve come to realise how close the summer months are. I’ve recently fallen off the wagon with my eating and as a kickstart to get me back into my normal routine I’ve decided to join the Symbio Summer Feel Good Challenge. Symbio have challenged New Zealanders to consume their yoghurt every day for 14 days and are so confident you’ll feel good that if you don’t – you’ll get a refund.

I personally would only consume their Natural Unsweetened version. I feel it’s the most beneficial yoghurt as it contains no added sugar. It’s a great way to mix up the flavouring too as you can easily add vanilla beans, berries and honey for a delicious flavouring.

I wanted to create a delicious recipe for all those who wanted to join this Symbio Summer Feel Good Challenge and created these Berry Yoghurt Pops. They use only 4 ingredients are a simple way to have your daily intake of probiotic yoghurt – even frozen the probiotics in Symbio survive. I’ve made these with mixed berries as well as strawberry flavoured ones. You can check out the recipe for these here.

While I was photographing these Berry Yoghurt Pops they started to melt with the warmth of the sun. I popped them back into the freezer and they didn’t really ‘function’ as ice pops anymore however paired with almond milk and a banana they worked perfectly in a morning smoothie!

As I’ve already started this challenge I made up a big batch of my Chocolate Buckwheat Granola last week. We’ve been serving it with Symbio’s Natural Unsweetened Yoghurt and fresh berries for breakfast and occasionally dessert – it’s become a family favourite substituting Coco Pops for the kiddies! You can even made a parfait layering the granola, yoghurt and berries – yum! Check out the recipe here.

If you join the challenge check out a few of my past where you can use Symbio’s Natural Unsweetened Yoghurt. Use as a topping alongside strawberries, cinnamon and honey on my 2 Ingredient Banana Pancakesand also as the cream component in my Low Carb Butter Chicken recipe on cauliflower rice.

If you try any of my recipes out – don’t forget to #arieats and let me know how your Symbio challenge is going through my Facebook page orTwitter.

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