The Collective Greek Scoff'rs

Snacking just got easy with The Collective's Greek Yoghurt Scoffr's. The Collective have completely changed the way I've looked at yoghurt with their premium NZ made dairy products. The scoffer's are a good source of calcium and a source of protein as well as being vegetarian (no gelatine ion them) and gluten free. The Collective use all natural ingredients with their scoffr's which means no nasties or numbers will be found on the ingredients list.  They come in two sizes - 150g snack size with the spoon along with a 400g sharing size. The 150g size retails at $2.79 each and can be found at all good supermarkets including Countdown and New World. 

After hearing that I hadn't tried out their Greek Yoghurt Scoff'rs, the team at The Collective sent me five vouchers to pick myself up one for each flavour. I ended up getting 3 x Date, Cacao + Chia 1 x Berries + Chia and 1 x Coconut, Lime + Chia which were purchased from my local Pak N Save. The other flavours included Mango + Chia (not a huge fan of mango) and also Manuka Honey + Chia (I'm slightly iffy with honey).


I am so so in love with these yoghurts. If you follow me on Snapchat (@arianaomipi) then you'll know I've been snacking on these often over the last week. I like to have them occasionally post-workout and sometimes I treat myself to one of these while catching up on my favourite programmes at night as I relax. 

The Greek Scoff's come loaded with a mini spoon inside the lid making it perfect to eat anywhere, anytime. I personally love this added convenience. The first obvious thing I noticed about these greek yoghurts is how thick and creamy it is. To me, it has that delicious natural taste without that overwhelming tang I've found in other greek style yoghurts or probiotic yoghurts. Each yoghurt is packed with chia seeds which are a great source of fibre making for a super fulling snack. 

The date + cacao flavour is my favourite. The compote is super delicious and to me, takes like a bliss ball. The berry flavour is equally as delicious. If you like flavoured yoghurts, you'll be a fan of this flavour. I like that the compote is seperate which means you get to dictate your ratio of compote to greek yoghurt. As for the coconut + lime flavour, it was my least favourite. I feel like this didn't really have that same feel with the compote that I really enjoyed with the other two flavours. It seemed a lot more watery which I would assume was due to the lime juice which I felt cut through the yoghurt rather than added to it's creaminess. 

The only downside of this product for me is the added cane sugar. Although over half the sugars in their scoffr's come from lactose (milk sugars) and the rest from fructose or honey (fruit or honey sugars from the compote) there's still an addition of the cane sugar. I feel like these yoghurts have so much potential to be so much better for you than they are. I love the combination of date, cacao and chia as dates are something I use often to naturally sweetened my almond milk or smoothies. Had it been sweetened with just dates or even stevia instead of sugar, I could see myself eating these everyday instead of ocassionally post gym and as a wee treat. 


Thanks to the team at The Collective, you have a 1 in 5 chance to win the entire Greek Scoff'rs range! Simply let me know which flavour you're most looking forward to try in the comments below and you're into win!