First Impressions - Asana By Pete Evans

Two weeks ago I was in Brisbane for work and while staying at Capri by Fraser, I invited Monty to join me for dinner downstairs at Asana by Pete Evans* as a wee birthday treat following his birthday two days earlier.  

Asana by Pete Evans is classed as a fine dining restaurant, something clearly reflected in the quality of the food, the price of the food and the exemplary service. I found myself admiring the vertical gardens which bought a fresh and natural perspective into the restaurant. I was unimpressed with the tables and seating. Most of the tables had the option of one person on a booth side and the other on a metal seat. I let Monty have the booth and I took the seat. It was hard and metal with no cushioning which made for an uncomfortable dinner. The table was also very small leaving little space to. Because of this I felt more like I was dining at a cafe rather than a fine dining restaurant. 

After scanning the menu, they had options of small plates and large plates along with broths given the Paleo influence the restaurant has. 

We skipped entrees and chose two of the smaller small plates as sides to have with our mains which we chose from the large plate section of the menu. As most of you know, I order fries with everything so I knew the sweet potato (otherwise known as kumara) fries were a must.

I've never had kumara chips dining out that tasted better than the ones I cook at home until I tried these. They also made me feel guilt free being oven roasted rather deep fried. They had a crispy outer shell and were soft on the inside. The sweetness from the added cinnamon really gave it a unique flavour. Since dining here, I've (unsuccessfully) tried adding cinnamon to my own sweet potato (kumara) chips. It's served with a side of sriracha mayo which I had never tried before and found myself allured by it. 

Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Fries with cinnamon, rosemary and thyme - $9

Roasted Organic Baby Carrots with almond cream and harissa - $9

Roasted Barramundi, Sweet Potato Puree, Lime and Coconut Sauce - $32 

As for the carrots, these were so incredibly delicious. I've only ever had carrots sous vide once and they melted in my mouth like butter. These replicated that feeling. I had initially ordered them purely because I was so fascinated by the almond cream. To me, it tasted similar to the cheese sauce you have on pasta, only fluffier and lighter.

I chose to go with the roasted barramundi, sweet potato puree, lime and coconut sauce. Monty was really feeling the macadamia crumbed chicken schnitzel with raw salad and siracha mayo. I fell in love with this dish after just one bite. When traveling between New Zealand and Australia the thing I love about dining out at Australian restaurants is ordering barramundi. The skin as perfectly crispy and the fish was flaky and delicious. The sweet potato puree was creamy. Overall the dish was so perfect for the winter to feel warm yet still have that fresh balance. 

  Macadamia Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel with raw salad and sriracha mayo - $27

Macadamia Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel with raw salad and sriracha mayo - $27

Monty was craving chicken so he ordered the macadamia crumbed chicken schnitzel with raw salad and sriracha mayo. I didn't get to try much of this dish but that's only because Monty wanted the whole thing to himself. He loved the crumb on the chicken and was pleased that although it was chicken schnitzel, it wasn't overly thin like you'd find at the supermarket. 

As for dessert, we were both super full from our meal (which was surprising considering how hungry we were prior) that we decided to share a dessert. I really wanted to try the Chocolate Mousse with Warm Brownie and Nut Bark but Monty loves Tiramisu and wanted to see how Asana's Paleo Tiramisu measured up.

It was a delicious combination of chocolate and coffee and the coconut cream layer at the top made it perfect. 

  Paleo Tiramisu - $14

Paleo Tiramisu - $14

 I would definitely return to Asana by Pete Evans in a heart beat and recommend to everyone. I feel like that's what's so great about a place like this. Those with dietary requirements or restrictions aren't limited to their choices yet it's still bound to impress anyone and everyone.  I'm looking forward to my next visit to Brisbane staying at Capri by Fraser as I feel like I'll be making frequent trips downstairs for lunch and/or dinner. 


80 Albert Street 
Brisbane City, Brisbane
 07 3013 0088

You can check out the menu here.