Bird On A Wire - Lunch On The Go

For my second week eating low carb I needed to prepare myself as best I could for my fortnightly commute to Auckland. Whenever I head to Auckland there's an abundance of choices when it comes to food, especially in comparison to the little town I live in. 

Bird On A Wire wasn't on my list when I had pre-planned where I was going to eat out however as I had to call into HQ to get BFP done before my road trip home I cut into lunch-time and had to grab something on the go. 

I popped into their Ponsonby Road store which is gorgeously inviting. They have just recently renovated and I'm loving the modern look. I think I hit the earlier side of lunch time as the place was quiet and settled yet all the chicken looked fresh out of the oven and smelt so delicious. I could've taken an entire bird with me and just nibbled on it over my 5 hour drive home. 

I avoided looking at the tasty treats they had on display including a moreish brownie and The Honest Food Co's protein bars. I opted for the bowls of salad which lined the fridge cabinet edge to edge. I was a little disappointed to not see my favourite quinoa salad on the menu but that gave me opportunity to try something new. Despite having a large selection, my choices seemed limited. 

Whether you choose to eat there or take-away you'll meal will be served your salad in one of these noodle boxes. The sizes vary with a small ($8), medium ($12) and large ($16) and if you'd like to pulled chicken also, it's additional - little ($3), lots ($4), loads ($5)

I went for the small, which is actually really small - the face of the box is no wider, or taller than the width of a credit card. I paired the Asian Slaw with Ponzu dressing with lots of chicken.

Despite the size it was satisfying and fulling. I wasn't overly hungry though and if I were, I'd definitely have to order one of the large sizes.

I was suprised my salad tasted as good as it looked. The yuzu (one of my favourite things) gave the salad such a delicious and intense flavour which had me constantly reaching for more until I was met with the bottom of the box.

I do wish the chicken was a little more shredded and it'd be nice if they could mix it through rather than just lay it on top. It proved to be a little tricky to get a bite full of everything as I suddenly found I had eaten half of my chicken in an attempt to make my way to the salad.

If you're use the more franchised salad bars such as Tank and Habutial Fix, you may be discouraged by the prices in comparison to the sizes. My meal in total was $12 and although I still contemplate whether it was reasonable, I'd buy it again as the elements of providing free-range chicken and great produce makes it worth it.

I look forward to visiting Bird On A Wire again - especially with their new rewards systems they have in place which credits you 1 point for ever $1 you spend. You can then use those points to collect a whole load of rewards from Bird On A Wire! You can get your first 50 points - which entitles you to $5 off your order by joining here.

Oh, and can we just take a second to appreciate the fact that they use Innocent Packaging. These guys are awesome and produce eco-friendly packaging to a whole bunch of places around New Zealand.

234 Ponsonby Road
Ponsonby, Auckland
09 378 6369

Open 7 days: 11am - 9.30pm

You can check out their menu here.