Burger Burger - Low Carb Lunch

Burger Burger is one of my favourite casual lunch (and dinner) spots in Auckland. 

I had intended on popping in for lunch on Tuesday however my mid-morning meeting cut well into the afternoon and I ended up dining at quite an unusual hour. 

I had been to Burger Burger before, usually at peak hour but this time I was dining just after 3.30pm. Despite being a table of one, I had the luxury of pretty much sitting wherever I liked as there were only two or three other diners. I chose to sit at end of one of the large tables outside. These tables are a lot nicer with the warmth of the sun hitting your skin. They also provide so much more space to spread out rather than being so restricted which you'll find with the ones inside.

Due to following a ketogenic diet, I opted for low carb and chose two of my favourites; Beef Burger in a Bunnuce with Savannah Grass-fed Beef Patty, Home-made Pickles, Tomato Jam, Mustard, Mayo with extra Cheese, Aged Cheddar and Charred Broccoli, Garlic Butter, Almonds. 

The beef patty is cooked medium-rare by default. I love that Burger Burger do this. You can only serve your patty medium-rare if it's good quality meat that's being used and I have no doubt that their Savannah Grass-fed Beef is top notch. I think you're a fool if you don't add the Aged Cheddar to your Beef Burger too. It's an essential burger ingredient in my books. But the sauce is what will have tempted to buy another burger. Not only is the sauce tasty and flavoursome but through the burger in all the right ways. 

This visit was my first success at actually eating the bunnuce correctly. For some reason, I kept unwrapping it. This might be the obvious thing to do - I clearly didn't think so - but this is how you should be eating it. Rip off the excessive lettuce from the top of your bunnuce and pop it into your bowl. You'll now be able to enjoy each of the elements with every bite. Continue eating and rolling down the wrap until it's reached the last few bites. Take this out of the wrap and add it to your bowl. You'll also have an abundance of dressing that has seeped to the bottom while you were eating it. Eat the leftovers with a knife and fork from your bowl and enjoy!

I've previously ordered Burger Burger takeaway with a friend. We popped down to the eatery one night and bought the order back to The Langham so we could dine in the comfort of our bed. 

We ordered Market Fish Burger in a Bunnuce, Chicken Burger in a Bunnuce and a side of Shoestring Fries with Aioli along with two Lewis Road Creamery thick shakes. The Market Fish bunnuce is to die for and I wish they'd just serve the Panko-crumbed Market Fish with the Caper-Dill Mayo. It was the most delicious thing ever to indulge in while watching plowing through episodes of Revenge.

I can't wait to come back here to have my guilt-free cheat meal. I'll be ordering up those shoe-string fries and downing it with a thick-shake! Oh, and let's add some potato skins in there too just because. 

Burger Burger.png


The Lane, Ponsonby Central
136 - 138 Ponsonby Road 
Ponsonby, Auckland 
09 360 8030 

You can check out their menu here.