First Impressions - Chuffed

Brunch is easily my favourite meal of the day. I mean, come on - it's two meals combined! When in Auckland and catching up with my beautiful friend, Anastacia, catching up for brunch tends to be the norm. Auckland can at times be daunting with the amount of eateries to choose from so when Anastacia suggested Chuffed I was introduced to a new eatery tucked away on High Street in the city.

Chuffed is refreshingly casual, you almost feel at home with the calm and inviting atmosphere. Although there aren't many staff, quality over quantity is proven by their friendly and positive attitudes on their smiley faces. We popped out the back which was host to a gorgeous al fresco set-up on what seemed like a private deck. It was a chilly, overcast morning however the retractable awning provided shelter from the hovering raining. We were also warmed, sitting close to the large fireplace however there was plenty of other sources of heating scattered along the walls. Despite the menu being filled with a variety of mouthwatering dishes, Anastacia and I being on high fat - low carb guidelines we opted to construct our own meals out of the of selection of sides. 

Anastacia chose to order the Chroizo with Smoked Feta, Hens Egg - Poached and Portabello Mushrooms. This came to a total of $17. As close friends of mine know, sharing is caring when it comes to dining out so I had the pleasure of tasting Anastasia's meal too. This meal looked as if it were constructed by lovers of organic cuisine with each element beautifully showcasing the produce. I could image myself discovering these ingredients at my local farmers market. The Smoked Feta had the most savoury flavour that worked so well paired with the combination of Portobello Mushrooms and Chroizo. The Portobello Mushrooms were copious on the plate adding to earthy style. The Chroizo was slightly spicy and buttery with a true authentic taste. If you're looking for a juicy breakfast sausage, I'd give them a miss. It's definitely a substantial breakfast and perfect for those who are adventurous enough for a modern take on a traditional breakfast. 

For myself, I ordered Beetroot & Honey Cured Salmon, 1/2 Avocado, Crispy Kale (not actually on the menu) and two Hens Eggs - Poached. This came to a total of $19. I also had an Antipodes Sparkling Mineral Water which was $4.5. The slight fizz always reminds me of dining at Milse and indulging in a wee treat. Due to working on upping my green intake, I asked for a side of greens which was not listed on the menu. I was served a side of curly kale which was slightly crispy. I wasn't a huge fan of kale previously until I was served this. I instantly became obsessed with it the second it touched my mouth, finding myself constantly reaching for more. It was tasty already but with a generous sprinkling of salt, it was delicious! I was so excited about their Beetroot & Honey Cured Salmon. I had experienced similar at Cha Cha Char when visiting Brisbane and fell in love. The addition of cured salmon for breakfast just fills me with such joy. As most of you know, sashimi salmon is one of my favourite things of all time so adding it to my breakfast plate is a regular. The avocado was creamy, perfectly ripe and plentiful as opposed to places like Shaky Isles were you'll find yourself with only a couple of slices for the same price point. I was pleased to see my Hens Eggs - Poached resembleing the tight woven balls of bocconcini. If only you had seen the glory moment when I broke open my egg; the yolk oozed out onto the plate. This meal is perfect for those following a Paleo diet or are watching their carb intake. It's full of nutritionally dense super-foods and good fats. If you're not a salmon lover like me, you can swap it out for Handcut Bacon. 

I loved that we could construct these meals ourselves. It can be pretty difficult when following a low carb diet to find a cafe that so happily adapts to your needs. Although we chose what is probably considered the more expensive option, I was happy with the price we paid for the meals and would buy either one again. There are plenty of delicious menu items to chose from with lower price points to chose from too. 

As a first impression, I adore this place and can see myself visiting every time I commute to Auckland. If I'm being completely honest, I was reluctant to share my discovery as it's one of the few places I've come across that nurtures my inner foodie. Each of the dishes we were served at Chuffed was plated with such loving care. They looked so soft and delicate, yet so delicious and hit all the right notes.

Upon my next visit, I'd really like to try their Cardamom Poached Pear featuring Quinoa and Nut Granola, Citrus Yoghurt, Honey and Soft Herbs along with their Hot Chocolate with Almond Milk which is made with Organic Fair Trade Cocoa and served with a House Made Marshmallow. 

I can't wait to revisit and will most likely be working my way through their entire menu so keep an eye out for more blog posts to come. 


43 High Street, Auckland CBD 
09 367 6801

Open 7am - 5pm 
Monday - Friday

You can check out their menu here.