One Tree Grill

This restaurant is a beacon on the fringe of the Auckland City in Epsom. The menus at One Tree Grill are innovative and take a modern approach on the typical paper menu. The menu is interactive as it is presented on an iPad where you can click and view each item from the menu to preview more information on the dish including a photo of how each dish is presented. 

I'm a multiple entree kinda girl so I went with three entrees; one for starter, one for entree and the other for main along with a cheeseboard for dessert.

To start we were offered complimetary butternut & kumara soup as an appetiser. It was delicious, creamy and warming on the chilly winter evening. We were then offered complimentary warm bread rolls with a side butter.

I started off with the Cured Salmon entree. This was accompanied with black quinoa, fennel, sliced radish, yuzu, wasabi oil and roe.

This dish was a great dish to start with. It was light, refreshing and the flavours were harmonious. The wasabi oil gave it a surprising kick which can be a bit intense for some. If you're a lover of salmon, I'd definitely recommend you try this beauty.

To follow I chose the Tea Scented Wild Boar Fillet entree. This was accompanied with jam on serrano (dry-cured spanish ham), shaved cauliflower, sour cherries, dijon mustard and crackling. 

Having not experienced the taste of wild boar before I enjoyed the experience however if I were to compare the boar with pork, pork would definitely be of preference. I enjoyed the flavour of the sour cherries with the boar as the two flavours complimented one another with the tartness of the cherries and the lightly scented boar. 

For the main, I went with my favourite dish of all time wish is One Tree Grill's Wild Venison Tenderloin entree. This was accompanied by a Valhrona cocoa crumb, liquorice, an elderflower mascarpone, beetroot & cherry puree. 

If you know me well, you'll know venison (when done right) is my absolute favourite red meat. Having such a delicate meat paired with the moreish taste of Valhrona is such a treat. This dish will confuse you to whether you're eating a main or dessert but it sure won't disappoint you - I get this dish every time I visit!

To finish we chose a cheese board with the Delice De Bourgogne served with fig paste and the  Over-The-Moon Galactic Gold served with manuka honey. These two cheeses were accompanied with wafer crackers only as we asked for no bread to be served with the cheese board. 

It is always a bit of a disappointment receiving a cheeseboard when some of the accompaniments are sparse. The fig paste was minimal with two 1 cm square pieces however the manuka honey was adequate. 

The Delice De Bourgogne which is a triple-cream cheese was smooth, velvety and had a melt-on-mouth type texture was and always is a highlight. It's one of the best cheese I've tasted from a cheese board at a restaurant and one I continue to adore and lust over for weeks after. 

Unfortunately I can't say the same for the Over-The-Moon Glactic Gold Cheese which I tried for the first time on this visit. It's very pungent and pretty much tastes like shit. It was pretty off-putting and I definitely won't be trying that cheese again. 

9 - 11 Pah Road
Epsom, Auckland 
09 909 7215

You can check out their menu here