Cauliflower Rice

This is my favourite low carb alternative rice. Although it does taste of cauliflower it perfectly replicated the texture of rice if done right. If you follow my recipes, you'll get beautiful fluffy cauliflower rice that you'll fall in love with. Remember, you can also store any addition cauliflower rice in zip lock bags and freeze it for when needed at a later date. I often separate into 1 C serves. When wanting to use, just allow to thaw and use as normal.



1 raw head of cauliflower (or however much you wish)


Step one
Take cauliflower and discard leaves, core and stalks so that you are only left with florets. To ensure, you get perfectly fluffy rice, cut off as much of the stalk from each floret.

Step two
Place florets into a food processor in batches to prevent uneven pieces. Alternatively you can use a hand-held grater or a knife however ensure pieces are chopped very finely. 

Step three
Place cauliflower rice in a covered microwave safe dish. Do not add water as cauliflower absorbs water and the granules will become soft and soggy. Microwave for 1 minute on 500 W per 1 cups of cauliflower rice. Stir with a spoon to distribute heat. If it's not warm enough for your liking, heat again in 30 second instalments until it reaches desired heat. 

Step four
You will now have light, fluffy and delicious cauliflower rice. Enjoy!