Not So Caesar Salad

This recipe is my take on the traditional Caesar salad. When I was first creating salads I tried to recreate a Caesar salad and this was the result. It's been a favourite of mine to date and a family favourite. You can change it up a little by adding parmesan disks instead of shaved parmesan or a poached egg instead of a soft boiled one. The avocado mayo is a signature element on this dish. 

Not So Caesar Salad


1 large chicken breast, approximately 180 - 220 grams
1 tbsp butter
2 streaks or 1 rash of bacon
2 medium sized free-range eggs
8 leaves of cos lettuce
50g parmesan
Salt + pepper to season 

2 tbsp low-carb mayo
1 lemon, the juice and zest
2 tbsp chopped parsley
himalayan rock salt + ground black pepper to season
1 tbsp avocado oil


Step one
In a small bowl combine low-carb mayo, lemon juice, lemon zest and parsley to make a thin dressing. Season as required.

Step two
Bring a small pot of water and bring to a boil. Once the water has reaching boiling point, add your eggs and cook these for 4 minutes to achieve a soft-boiled egg. Drain the egg and allow them to sit in cold water until you're ready to use them later. 

Step three
Take your chicken breast and slice into thick strips around 2cm thickness. Season with salt & pepper. Cut your bacon into 2cm thick pieces. 

Step four
Place a pan over a medium heat and add butter. Add chicken and allow to brown on each side cooking all the way through. Remove from pan and allow to drain onto a paper towel. Add your bacon to the pan and allow it to get crispy on both sides. Remove from the pan and transfer onto a paper towel.

Step five
Wash and pat dry dry your cos lettuce and divide it between two plates. Add chicken strips and bacon. Using a peeler, shave parmesan onto plates. Peel your eggs and slice them carefully. Arrange on your plate. Drizzle dressing and avocado oil and serve.