Raw Fish Salad

If you're a Maori or Ilander you most likely grew up with this dish at family gatherings. My grandad and uncles always made the best raw fish salad using the freshest fish caught that day on our family beaches. This recipe is slightly different from the version I've been bought up on - I made it a little healthier and lower in sugar by using celery and red capsicum instead of tomatoes. 



100-120 grams raw fresh snapper
1 spring onion
ΒΌ C red capsicum
1 celery stick
2 lemon - juiced
Β½ C filtered water
Β½ can coconut cream
Ground pink himalayan rock salt + black pepper - to season


Step one
Take fresh fish and dice pieces. I prefer larger chunks however you can do smaller ones if you prefer. Place in a bowl with salt and the juice of two lemons.

Step two
Cover with filtered water, cover in plastic wrap and allow to marinade in the fridge for at least 3 hours or overnight.

Step three
This will partially cook the fish making it more tender. You can then add coconut cream followed by celery, capsicum and spring onions. Stir and season with pepper.