Soft Boiled Eggs with Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Soliders

This is one of my favourite breakfasts when I'm cutting carbs or following a LCHF diet. It's filled with lots of fats and proteins to get your day started. I love the asparagus concept as soldiers instead of bread! Remember you can always change this up to suit you and if you prefer a lower fat intake, skip the bacon and just sear or poach the asparagus. 

Soft Boiled Eggs with Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Soliders


2 free-range eggs
6 asparagus spears
3 streaks of bacon


Take each streak of bacon and cut it in half long ways so you have two skinny strips.

Wrap each bacon piece around an asparagus spear starting from the bottom and wrapping around until you've reached the top. 

In a non stick pan over a medium heat, add your bacon wrapped asparagus rotating until the bacon is crispy and the asparagus is soft but still has a bit of crunch. Transfer to a paper towel to drain before serving on a plate with egg cups. 

Take a sauce pan and fill it half way with water. Place it over a high heat and let the water come to a rolling boil before lowering the heat and letting the water reduce to a rapid simmer. 

Gently lower each of your eggs into the water and cook for 5 - 6 minutes depending on the size of your egg. 

Discard the hot water from the saucepan and fill with running cold tap water for 60 seconds. This helps the eggs stop cooking and makes them much nicer to handle. 

Transfer the eggs to the an egg cup and use the edge of a knife to gently tap around the top to pop it off.

Dunk in your delicious delicious bacon wrapped asparagus and enjoy!